Create Ticket on External Service Desk Application

Hello experts!

We currently have a Service Desk application, in where we would like to create a ticket for external traceability every time and access request is executed in Identity Now.

The Service Desk application does not have it’s own supported connected.

Is there, or could be a way to hard code or customize this behavior? So every time an access request is done, we can get a new ticket created on the Service Desk Application.

If possible, I at least would like to know which path to take or if it’s simply not possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Henry,

There are a couple of options. If you are comfortable with programming, you could use the access request approved event trigger in a custom web service to receive a notification every time an access request is approved and ready for fulfillment. Your web service can then call the Service Desk API to create a ticket based on the access request. Check out the event trigger docs for more information on our ETS service and how you can implement it for your use case.

The other option is to use the upcoming Workflows feature, which will allow you to build a workflow that will take an action, like creating a service desk ticket, every time an access request is received.

Thanks Colin!

Actually that is exactly what I did. I’m using an event trigger and then feeding it to an API Gateway + lambda service on AWS to create the ticket. We dont have thw workflows available yet, but I think that would be the ideal approach, avoiding need of using external tools!

Cheers and thanks!

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This was released yesterday. Can be useful here.

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