Unable to update Identity Attribute flag : Multivalued as TRUE

Hi Experts,

I’m trying to update an custom Identity attribute flag : “Multivalued” as TRUE. When I invoke a API, I do see response code as 200, but the attribute flag is not getting updated.

Usecase : I have an account attribute [multivalued] and I need to populate all the values in my Identity attribute.

Can someone help on this.

Hi @chandramohans27,

Account attributes can be Multivalued but Identity attributes cannot be multivalued, It’ll only take the first value present.


@Yathish Thanks for your reply.

As per ISC document, I see the Identity Attribute has a flag : multivalued which can be modified.

If this is not supported, is there any other option to populate all the values from account attribute in Identity attribute

Hi @chandramohans27,

Take a look at the below thread for your solution :

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