Attribute Sync - IND trying to update with incorrect Attribute name

Hello Team,

We have configured Attribute Sync in AD Source. Few Attributes having issues when during sync.

For example : State Attribute

Identity profile
State mapping from Source State Attribute.

AD Account Profile - provisioning policy(Create)
“name”: “st”,
“transform”: {
“type”: “identityAttribute”,
“attributes”: {
“name”: “state”
“attributes”: {},
“isRequired”: false,
“type”: “string”,
“isMultiValued”: false

Account Sync :

State st → Selected for Attribute sync.

Issue pattern:

When we run the manual Synchronization attribute
First transaction from SP IDN → st → {value} → passed
second transaction from SP IDN → state->{value}-failed [ ["Error(s) reported back from the IQService - Failed to update attributes for identity The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.]. There is no LDAP Attribute as State.

But we are not sure why SP trying to set “state” attribute. We did configure the account attribute as state initially and we corrected with correct attribute “st”. we also confirmed there is no duplicate(st & state).

Not sure how to fix this issue, (its really blocking us to move forward). Please let me know if any be cache issues on the provisioning policy.

let me know if more details required.

Hi @sureshkumar_v

Do you have an AD attribute as st? It is an optional attribute so it might be possible that it is not available on AD end & hence you are getting error that states: “The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.”

@AnamicaShroti - Yes we do have AD attribute st in AD. But actual issue is, due to some reason Sailpoint trying to update state attribute as well. The state attribute not available in AD thats why IQ service throwing error.

We see two transaction for state attribute, First one with st which is success and second one state which is failing.

@sureshkumar_v This seems to be related to configuration & would need deeper analysis.
I would suggest to open case with support whom can investigate and provide further input.

Please see the following on how to work with SailPoint support and open a case:

Working with Support - Compass

At SailPoint we continually develop our service to contribute to your success by providing timely, consistently high-quality IT support, at every contact.

@AnamicaShroti - Thank you. I have created Support case(last Friday) with Sailpoint and yet to get response from them.