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We have an authoritative source as Workday, and Active Directory is our target application. We have two attributes, say ‘workday_attribute’ (from workday) and ‘AD_attribute’ (from Active Directory). ‘workday_attribute’ is mapped to ‘attribute_IDN’ in identityNow.

Our requirement is:

When we run AD aggregation, ‘workday_attribute value’ should be updated with ‘AD_attribute value’.

We have updated identity profile mappings, schema mappings, and attribute sync for workday as well.

Value is getting updated in identityNow from AD. But the problem is that attribute sycn is not working from IDN to workday.

Could anyone kindly suggest one?

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Hi @ManeMn1

Welcome to SailPoint Developer community. Do you see any activity for the user on Workday, to see if attribute sync is triggered or not at least, if yes then any error you find ?


thanks a lot @MVKR7T , yes we are facing an error :

Error ["Update operation not supported for schema attribute “atrtributename”]

could you please suggest one?

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Hi @ManeMn1,

Have you followed Configuration to Update Custom Attributes in Workday article ?

Thank you @kavindar_sharma, I appreciate your time. Yes, we have followed the document at the time of integration but we would like to see a solution for how to update data from SailPoint IDN to Workday. I believe these details have not covered in the document link.

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Could you please check with Workday team, maybe no permissions to update the attribute you are trying.

thanks a lot @MVKR7T for your quick response.

We have checked with workday team and they confirmed that, all necessary permissions are set for the attribute. But I would like to share some details here. We have tested for email attribute and it’s sending data back to workday. But as we have created a custom attribute. (Custom_attribute in both workday and IDN). we are facing problems. Workday team is asking to share : API XML data. Could you please let me know, how to share API XML data to workday.

Also, I’m sharing error we are facing for new attribute:
[“Update operation not supported for schema attribute ACF2ID”]

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I would cross check the permissions to update the custom attribute you created for the credentials you are using to connect to Workday.

Coming to the other question, ask them if they are looking for the configuration in IDN or the request what we are sending to Workday from IDN.

They can also check the logs at Workday side to see what is the request, what it is trying to update, what is the error and why is that.

Many thanks for your support @MVKR7T . Workday team is expecting the below:

we need to have the soap api defenition with respect to “attribute_spIDN” from sailpoint to workday.

how “attriibute_IDN” data is being pushed from SailPoint to workday.

Could you please suggest?

Kind regards

  1. Check your source config, list account schema. Find entry for XpathAttributesMap which contains XPath for all the attributes.

For example
<entry key="WORKER_NAME" value="ns1:Worker_Data/ns1:Personal_Data/ns1:Name_Data/ns1:Preferred_Name_Data/ns1:Name_Detail_Data/@ns1:Formatted_Name"/>

For the custom attribute you created, may be you need to add some path.

  1. They can also check the logs filtered with service account you use in IDN to connect to workday. They can see the definition, error and find the root cause.

  2. If no luck then I would suggest you to install SOAP UI tool, setup the config, try to update the same custom attribute directly using SOAP UI with the same service account you use in IDN, if it works then you will be good to use in IDN too.

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