Does custom identity attribute support multi language?

By default ISC / IDN language is browser current language.

All default identity attributes support multi language.

But if i add custom identity attributes into my identity profile, this customs attribute does not support multi language.

Does any one have experience with this behavior ?

@colin_mckibben do you have please a response for this question ?

Are you asking about multi language support for the attribute name or the attribute value?

I ask about custom identity attribute displayname that added on identity profile.

Only the default identity attributes are translated. This is because there is an i18n translation map for the default attributes. Custom attributes aren’t in this i18n translation map and therefore have no way to be translated based on the browser setting. This would be a new feature request to be able to translate custom attributes. This is the closest idea I have found in the ideas portal. Please add your requirements and upvote:

Alternatively, if you feel this should be a net new idea, then you can submit a new idea to the ideas portal.

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