Extend Attribute for Entitlement


Do we have entitlements catalog attributes in IdentityNow like we have in IIQ? If yes, then can we extend the attributes?


Hi Nikhlesh,
a new feature has been recently released that allow you to add context information (metadata) into entitlement.

see below link:

New! Access Model Metadata Service - Compass (sailpoint.com)

HI @Uccellatore2,

I have been looking into this but I am not able to fetch the metadata attributes for Entitlements using Search query, is this something not available yet? and also how can we update these metadata attributes?


@nikhleshsdg have you tested this by adding a few metadata attributes to a bunch of entitlements and waiting for about 24 hours? Sometimes Search-accessible data does not update real-time.

@sushant1 i have not added any value but i don’t see these attributes in column chooser for entitlement in search tab.

Apart from these attributes i am not able to fetch the source metadata attributes as well from search tab for entitlements like Scope, group type for Active directory entitlements.

Maybe a column might not be available for the UI, but try the search via an API call to see if those metadata attributes show up (after you set them for a few test entitlements) in the API response JSON.

Actually i tried using API but let me do after setting value for these attributes but there are more entitlement attributes visible when we call Get entitlement API then using search API.

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