Enhancement: Additional Entitlement APIs Released

The following endpoints have been added to the Entitlements API Collection

  • List entitlements
  • List parent entitlements
  • List child entitlements
  • Update individual entitlements
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@colin_mckibben is there a way to delete an entitlement also?


Interested in the same as pkgupta1 - there used to be a V1 endpoint for removing entitlements, but it has been deprecated. This is something we would very much like to see re-introduced as getting rid of entitlements through a source reset isn’t always a viable option (gets rid of access profiles).

Thank you for update Colin!
Piggybacking on this topic to also add that either manually removing entitlements or automatically removing entitlements that no longer exist on the connected system would be a great feature. Source reset is not really viable as for some we’ve got multiple hundred access profiles that’d need to be recreated.
I’ll even plug my ideas suggestion https://ideas.sailpoint.com/ideas/GOV-I-1518 :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans to provide a DELETE operation at this time, but I totally agree that it’s something that we need to work on to provide a complete collection for entitlements. Please upvote @M_rtenH idea so we get some visibility on this!

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We created a support ticket because we noticed that our AD source was not removing the deleted entitlements; it was confirmed to be a bug in IDN (is also affecting Azure AD, and maybe others).
They gave us the internal ticket IDNARSENAL-11351 that should fix this and we were told by our CSM that the ticket was completed and will be deployed in prod starting on Dec 21st.
You might want to contact your CSM to inquire about the source you have an issue with if it is covered by this fix.



Thank you Gustavo! Have a wonderful weekend!

Is there a way to search just based on the application (not the access profiles)? Looking for a way to search for the # of users who’ve requested access to a particular app

is there a way to update the entitlement name?

Good morning @sunnyajmera ,

You can update entitlement names via a bulk load process. Take a look at the section Performing Bulk Entitlement Updates in the documentation:

Basically, you download a CSV of existing entitlements, edit the names as you would like them to display, then upload that file.

Hope that helps!


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