Updates to Access Requests API

V3 Access Requests and Beta Access Requests received some updates related to entitlement type requests.

  • Support added for entitlement type requests (note: look for references to entitlements in the API spec)
    • /v3/access-requests
    • /beta/access-request-status
    • /beta/access-request-approvals
  • Additional entitlement request configuration
    • /beta/access-request-config
  • Entitlement CRUD [coming soon]
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Is it possible to provide more specific timeframes for Entitlements CRUD via API that [coming soon] ? Those API functionalities are crucial for our project, we need to plan development accordingly to this release, and will be good to know some specific dates.

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Hi @tuliszet,

The ability to READ and UPDATE entitlements will be in public beta by the end of this quarter. CREATE and DELETE operations will not be available. UPDATE operations will be limited in scope because the source of truth for entitlements lies with sources. Here is the functionality you can expect for UPDATING entitlements:

  • Bulk update and PATCH operations will be made available
  • Only a few IDN-specific metadata fields will be modifiable in the UPDATE operations. They are tentatively:
    • Display name
    • Description (localizable)
    • Privileged
    • Requestable
    • Segments

Thank you for your response. These are exactly the functionalities we need.

Could you provide the methods for each calls? I think this will help everyone.

I’m going to talk with our product team to open up the entitlements API as public beta so we can get your, and others, valuable feedback on it early. Entitlements are a hot topic in the community right now, so we need to get this right the first time.

Are there plans to ever include DELETE in the API for entitlements? I have a lot of frustration around not being able to remove entitlements without a complete reset of the source.

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Agreed. In some Flat File Sources I have wanted the ability to remove one wrongfully added or outdated entitlement. Would be a good feature to allow deletion without the need to reset the Entitlements on the source.

I spoke with product, and DELETE for entitlements isn’t trivial to accomplish, since the sources contain the source of truth. It’s not impossible, but would require a lot of engineering effort to change the architecture to support it. You can submit an idea to our ideas portal regarding DELETE for entitlements. If it gets enough attention then product will be more willing to consider it.

Here are the planned API endpoints for Entitlements to be released at the end of this quarter:

  • GET /entitlements - list all entitlements
  • GET /entitlements/{id} - get details of a single entitlement
  • GET /entitlements/{id}/parents - get the parents of an entitlement
  • GET /entitlements/{id}/children - get the children of an entitlement
  • POST /entitlements/bulk-update - perform updates on one or more entitlements. Only privileged and requestable attributes supported at this time
  • PATCH /entitlements/{id} - update a single entitlement. privileged, requestable, and segments attributes supported at this time.

Hi @colin_mckibben, Thanks for the API details. Could you please confirm if the PATCH request to update entitlement descriptions was ever released as I am failing to update the description with the error “Illegal attempt to modify “description” field” and for your reference we have used the following request body:-
“op”: “replace”,
“path”: “/description”,
“value”: “XXXXXXX”
Any response would be appreciated, thanks!

It was and I just used it today

Interesting that the API doco doesn’t actually list description as patchable for entitlements:


I have confirmed on my end that description can’t be updated. The API docs are correct, and I have updated this announcement so that description isn’t listed as a patchable field.

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Hi Colin, since the GET /entitlements - list all entitlements API has a limit how can we remove limit?

All list endpoints have a limit built in. You can’t remove it. I recommend you start by using the filters query parameter to narrow you search for entitlements. If you are still hitting the 250 page limit, then you will need to use pagination to fetch subsequent pages.

@colin_mckibben is there ANY other way to update displayName and description using APIs?

In the user interface we are able to download entitlement csv, update displayName, update description and upload the csv, we see the updated attributes on the entitlements. Is there a backend API doing this?

Thank you, Colin! Also, is there an API for getting a list of app owners?

For any API operation using pagination, is there maximum limit for records or we can get any number of records per page? I tried to get 100k records using search API but it wasn’t working.

Hello Ambesh,

By default the maxim limit is 250 and it’s not possible to modify.