Extend Entitlements/ Access Profile on Identity


Is there any way to extend entitlements/access profile of an Identity over api or Sailpoint interface?

How can I see entitlements which will be expired for specific users?


Welcome to the developer community Enes!

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “extend”? Are you looking to add and remove entitlements and access profiles using the API?

A couple of identity request entitlement with expire date and they need these entitlement for a while without any interruption. I cannot request same entitlement over IDN interface. Therefore I am looking for a way to extend already existing entitlement duration without approval over api or any other way. Is that possible? There is access request on entitlement but I am not sure how it will affect target system.

Also how can I see entitlements which will expire soon for an identity.


Good morning @yilme1 ,

Unfortunately, extending entitlement access sunset date is not currently supported in IDN. At the moment, the only options are:

  1. Wait for the access to be removed, then request it again
  2. Revoke the access, then request it again

I do think this would be useful functionality, so if you could submit a request to the idea portal, we can get it in front of the team to consider as an enhancement request. You can do so here: How To: Submit an Idea - Compass

Thank you!

cc @colin_mckibben