Test Email functionality broken since new UI update

Hi all,

Since the new UI update, the Test Email functionality has been changed.

Before we could change the template, hit the Test Email button, look at the results, perhaps change it again and do another test and when we were satisfied, hit the save button, ensuring that the reflected changes were actually being deployed for the real emails that needed to be send.

Now, this process is broken as it will always send the old version of the email template when when hit the Test Email button. So now, you have to commit to the change before you can test this change.

To me this is a step back. Especially since SailPoint has purposefully kept this change undocumented.

Also, even after pressing save, the Test Email button can’t be trusted. While it can still handle Apache Velocity and populate identity attributes through template variables, it does this in a different order than the real emails, which breaks the logic that we build.

This for example causes errors when we have a template body or subject like:
#if( ${user.language} == “french” )Bonjour!#{else}Hello!#end, your language is ${user.language}.

Test Email on this will now display the following when the admins language is french:
Hello!, your language is french.
And if we actually trigger this email to be send, we do get
Bonjour!, your language is french.

I informed SailPoint Support about this, but they don’t see this as a bug. What do you think?

P.S. some other feedback points on the new UI:

  • It becomes more difficult to navigate through the different email templates. More clicks are needed to achieve the same results as before.
  • A table mode is missing. Right now, way less templates can fit the screen than before.
  • It is not possible to search email templates like there is a way to search sources in the sources page.
  • Where was this upcoming change announced? I only see the post-facto announcement in the release notes. Now we were not able to test and reflect on these changes in the dev tenant before it went live in prod.

I hit the issue when I use the if-else condition in the subject. I copied and pasted the following to the subject then hit save and Test email, but then I got “Error: Your test email could not be sent”

#if( ${user.language} == “french” )Bonjour!#{else}Hello!#end, your language is ${user.language}.

Looking forward to hearing replies from SailPoint employees.


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Thank you for trying this out @ronaldchuiASB!

Maybe you get this error because you don’t have language as identity attribute, since it is not an out of the box identity attribute. You could either add this identity attribute, populate it with data and try again, or, to save time, you could test this using a different identity attribute and replace “french” with the value belonging to the identity attribute value of the identity you are logged in as when testing the email.

Kind regards,

Thanks Angelo

Sorry, maybe a bit off-track here. Yes, I replaced the identity attribute to user.name for my testing but it is not quite working. I just used this simple if-else condition, but it still return “Your test email could not be sent”. It is very frustrating.

#if( ${user.name} == "Ronald" )Hi ${user.name}!#{else}Hi something else!#end

At the end I gave up everything but just putting “Test” in subject and it still failed

Hi Ronald,

I see this is the Email Template for Work Reassignment, which is a version 2 template, see Available Email Templates - SailPoint Identity Services

The downside of version 2 templates is that they offer less functionality than their predecessor, version 1 templates. So $user is not supported there.
I don’t understand why SailPoint has omitted this functionality from the newer email templates.

An update from SailPoint Support,

Regarding the functionality of being able to test the email template before saving it. The removal of this functionality was done deliberately and if we want to get it back, we are suggested to raise an enhancement idea in the idea portal instead. I personally don’t like this, since it can take years before SailPoint replies to ideas and this functionality was existing to begin with.

Regarding the fact that the Test email button behaves differently than the actual behavior. SailPoint Support say they are discussing this internally with their engineering team.