SAP Direct connection testing failure

Hello team,

We’ve configured SAP direct connection as per the connector guide. We’re not able to see test connection for the application. Opened all 3 ports as mentioned. Added SAP hostname in hosts.yaml and from VA’s able to ping all 3 IP’s. Any suggestion

more\nCaused by: (102) JCO_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Initialization of repository destination SAP S4 Hana On prem [source] failed: Connect to SAP gateway failed\n\tconnection parameters: TYPE=A DESTINATION=" [source]" ASHOST=**** SYSNR=** PCS=1\n\nLOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode\nERROR hostname ‘?’ unknown\nTIME

hi, @seemarani

have you upload the sapjco3.dll and sapjco3.jar in custom connector file section.

Chun weng

@chunwengpang Yes its done

Hi @seemarani
are you able to resolve this issue, if yes, could you please let us know the fix?
we are also facing the same issue
we have uploaded sapjco3.jar where as we didn’t upload sapjco3.dll (because configuration is not allowing us to upload)

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