Sail conn validate Airtable Connector does not work


I am following a video from Dev Days where an Airtable Connector is being built, however when I try to send validating commands, it throws an error, whereas e.g. invoking command is working just fine. My colleague is getting the same error in multiple custom connectors. Where should I look for a solution for this problem?

Turns out this is a bug that was introduced from some recent changes to the SaaS Connectivity. The team is working on a fix and hopefully will have something in the next couple of days. I’ll respond when the fix is ready.

A new version of the SDK has just been released that addresses this issue. I also updated my developer days connector with the new version and validated all the tests now pass.

In order to update, you can execute the following commands:

git pull
npm install
npm run pack-zip
sail conn upload -c {your connector name} -f .\dist\
sail conn validate -p config.json -c {your connector name}
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