SaaS Connectivity - Error while uploading connector specification file for Custom Connector

Hi Team,
I am working on building a custom connector for Active Directory by taking reference from example given in SaaS Connectivity. But while uploading the zip file, it is showing 400 bad request and connector specification file validation error. There is no error for the specific json file.

Thank You in advance!

Did you use sail conn init my-first-project to initiate a new project, or did you clone an example connector and try to modify it?

Perhaps you have not created the connector first using the sail conn create command? It would be great to see what you actually tried.

Hi @colin_mckibben , @philip-ellis

Below is the complete details of the steps that I followed until now.

In Prerequisites, I have added Golang and Node, but not able to add Make package to the environment.

I have created a project with sail conn init

I created required file and copy-paste under required folder.

Got error while creating ZIP for the same using npm run pack-zip, so I created a zip file with 7Zip.

Also, created an entry for connector, using sail conn create “” and I got ID and ALIAS.

What was your error? Simply creating a zip file isn’t enough. The pack step is also important. Ideally, you should be able to run that command successfully, which might be why you are seeing issues.