SaaS - connector - issue with upload connector

I have issue with sailpoint SDK: Test, Build, and Deploy | SailPoint Developer Community

I make steps:
• Install SDK
• Make authorization (Personal Token)
• Install NPM
• Build connector (.zip)
• Try to deploy

When I use command: sail conn upload -c test-conn-1 -f dist\

I have 404 error.

But when I call “sail conn list” it executed ok.

Welcome to the developer community Piotr.

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Our engineering team is looking into this. You can track the issue here: [BUG] Getting 404 error when uploading connector · Issue #24 · sailpoint-oss/sailpoint-cli · GitHub

@ptraczynski will it be possible to re-run the upload and provide output from “sail conn logs” and “sail conn list” cli commands.

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logs.txt (1,3 KB)
upload.txt (22,9 KB)

config.txt (183 bajty)

have you included “sail conn list” output. Possibly the connector is not created and the upload fails with 404. Linking the documentation of create connector Test, Build, and Deploy | SailPoint Developer Community.

You are right. Sorry. My mistake.