Creating a SaaS Connectivity source from IdentityNow Source UI giving an error


I’m getting below error while creating a SaaS Connectivity source from IdentityNow Source UI:

Upon checking the browser network logs, it is saying 500 Server error (response payload doesn’t give much info)

Just wondering if someone has already encountered this or knows how to fix?

P.S. From SailPoint CLI, I’ve confirmed the SaaS connectivity connector is created and the relevant pack-zip is uploaded to the connector.

Please check event logs to see if anything relevant there.
Also please check content of uploaded connector zip file to see if connector-spec.json is present and may be you can share content of this file here.

hello @ralph-mishiev - the issue got resolved somehow on its own when I tried after few days.
From my understanding, it looks like the connector package file wasn’t compiled correctly and hence was giving me issues. Re-compiling the code and trying it after few days resolved the issue on its own :smiley:

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