SaaS Connectivity connector timeout

Hey, is there a way to increase the default timeout on Account Read operation for SaaS based connectors?
Default timeout is 60 seconds and most operations are reported as failed

  • Provisioning operation such as Account Create or Account Update runs successfully
  • Account Read runs but times out due to taking longer than 60 seconds
  • Operation is marked as failed due to Account Read timing out

I can remove the operation from index.ts which would likely work but it’s nice to have as in this instance most of the endpoints being called don’t return any results to map back to the account schema which means the source aggregation would have to be ran more often to keep accounts up to date.

You can use res.keepAlive() to keep the connector from closing the connection. I think the timeout is actually 3 minutes for all operations. If you have a longer running web request, you can even use the setTimout function to call the res.keepAlive() method asynchronously during the request call, just be careful when doing this as the connector could stay alive forever if you forget to stop calling the keepAlive() method after the request completes. You can see the documentation on this here:

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Weirdly enough I can observe an operation timing out with sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Command timed out as soon as readAccount takes longer than 60 seconds which I can see from conn logs so I thought the default timeout is 60 seconds but perhaps I’ve made some wrong assumptions and confirmation bias snuck in.

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