New Hire Additional Info Workflow

:spiral_notepad: Description Workflow template for using a Form to gather additional User Information
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This workflow sends an on-boarding form to the manager for collecting additional info about the new hire and their IT requests.


You must have an Identity Now tenant with the Workflows feature enabled.


This workflow sends an on-boarding form to the manager for filing in additional info about a new hire. This form includes all types of Form fields, it’s Input and Conditions. The new hire name and employee number are pre-populated. The manager enters in all the information which is validated using the form conditions specified. Once they submit the form, we send out an email notification about all the information collected. In a real use-case we will be using this information to Manage Access/Accounts or for other actions within workflow.

Please modify the Form recipient and the recipient email address in the Send Email action.

To learn how to download and install workflow files, please read this guide.