Multiple Access Profile Request

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We have a scenario where a user need to make request for multiple access profiles within an application at once. Is this supported functionality in IDN ?

Ex. Application Name: A
Access Profile - AP1, AP2 and AP3

Requestor wants to request access for AP1 and AP3 at once.

Hi Ratan,

Looks like Request Center only allows you to select one access profile at a time, so this is not possible via the UI. I have created an idea for this in our ideas portal so our product team can see it. Please upvote this idea to get better visibility to it.

However, this functionality is possible via our submit access request API. Support for this in the request center is ideal, but you can still accomplish this through other means if you are inclined.

This now possible with the New Request Center UI. It allows multiple access profile selection for multiple applications before submission.