Split Provisioning in IDN?

Hi Developer Community,

Looking for guidance on if the concept of split provisioning exists for IdentityNow? I’m observing that for the new Request Center - if I submit a request for multiple access profiles, then provisioning and the approval decision notifications are not executed until approvals for all access profiles have been completed.

Has anyone else observed this behavior? Is this expected? Are there any options to enable split provisioning so that provisioning and approval decision notifications are executed as each access profile is fully approved?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the developer community Justin.

We appreciate your feedback on the new Request Center. I spoke with our PM and your idea is something that other users have also asked for. What you are asking for is currently in the research phase.

This is currently the expected behavior, but not the ideal behavior. The short term fix will be updated wording in the new Request Center to make this fact clear to users. The long term fix is still being researched, but will likely end with the ability to split multiple access items in a single request out into their own requests.

At this time I don’t have an ETA for when it will be developed and released, just know that it is coming.