Request Center : request role for user that have more than 2 accounts

My identity have more than one account in one my source.

And i have another role that use an access profile base in this source.

In Request center if i ask the role, it’s failed with error : "Your request failed beacause you have more than one account on the source mySOurceName.

Any idea ?

Why do you have 2 accounts attached to 1 user? Problem is that connectors does not know to which account apply provisinonig operations. The user has a nominal account and a service account? Or perhaps you correlation conditions should be refined.

Having multiple accounts correlated to an identity is standard practice, but within IDN it requires separate sources for each “account type” (generally speaking) to perform provisioning.

It’s very common for IT people to have a normal account and an admin account in Active Directory and as such these 2 types of accounts need to be onboarded via different sources.

Other vendors implement this functionality differently, but within IDN this is a known limitation currently.

This usecase is very hisorical : users have 2 accounts in same application, the context of this two accounts is different and the need is to keep that.

I found some solution with Multiple account option and i will test that solution :

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