IdentityNow Multi Account Support

Dear Experts,

We have received an update that IdentityNow recently released support for multiple accounts per source per identity, however, we could not find any documentation around this.

Could you please help us with a link to the documentation? If it is not documented, please help us understand how provisioning works in case of such accounts.

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Hey Sandilya,
To use the feature you will have to go to any of the access profile and under source selection you would see link “Provisioning Criteria for multiple Accounts” , if you click on it , you would be redirected to another screen where you can define criteria to select account which one should get picked up when there are more than one account under single identity from same source.

There might be documentation out there but don’t have anything handy at the moment.

Thank you very much for the response @chirag_patel . Does it force a new account creation if the criteria does not match the existing accounts? If not, how to create an additional account for an identity which already has an account in the source.?

Hey Sandilya,
I personally haven’t played with this new feature yet but I do not think you can provision new account from IdentityNow if Identity already has account from that source under it. The create plan in this gets converted to modify and then the logic which you define above is used to chose which account would get this new access.

AFAIK, even with new functionality you cannot trigger create if the account is already there. You can still check with support officially in case you want to verify my understanding.

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Hi @chirag_patel

Thanks for providing this feedback. I have a similar issue but instead of provisioning an account, I need to be able to provision access (entitlements) to a specific account when the user has multiple accounts on a source.

Can you please advise?