Is it possible to add multiple entitlement in single access request

Is it possible to configure User specific access request to add multiple entitlements in single request. We have requirement that user shall request multiple Salesforce specific entitlements (like access permission set, profiles, roles, groups, etc) in single request rather than multiple access request.

In Sailpoint IDN, we can add multiple users (upto 10) for single role/access profile/entitlement request. Is it possible the other way - requesting multiple access items for single user?

Hi Rahul,
Are you referring to Access Request made by users via Request Center? In that case you can configure an Access Profile with the entitlements that need to be requested for in one request. Then create an Application and add the above Access profile to this Application.

Once above is set up, a user can submit a Access Request to the Access Profile from Request Center

You are able to make the request for the access itself in a single step, selecting the roles, entitlements, and applications you wish to request for yourself or another user, however the processing of them will occur individually once submitted and each request will be handled as it’s own request entity.

If the access you wish to request is from the same application, and is always consistent, you can use an access profile to group them so that they can be requested as a single entity. Likewise, if you have consistent access needed from differing applications, then you can use a role to capture them and those could be requested using a single role request.

However, if you want to be able to select an arbitrary number of entitlements, roles, etc and have them processed as a single entity from start to finish, I don’t think that is possibly in the current iteration, as each item in the request could have differing approval processes.

If possibly, could you expand on what exactly you are looking to accomplish?

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