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Version 8.3

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Recently I activated the Split Approval for access requests so that the requests for entitlements can be approved and provisioned independently of the order or the need for the approval of all the changes.

With the Split Approval inactive, requests for 2 or more entitlements with the same owner are all placed on the same approval as seen in picture 1-NoSplitItems.png.

Picture 2-NoSplitApproval.png shows that the approval contains both entitlements.

With the Split Approval active these requests are split into different Approvals, as seen in picture 3-SplitItems.png

Finally, in picture 4-SplitApproval.png each approval only contains 1 entitlement:

Is it possible to maintain the Split Approval for Entitlements with different owners, but for Entitlements with the same owner to include all on the same Approval?

I’m kind of not certain if I understand your problem. Let me say it “my words”. You want to split approvals per approver and ask them to approve their requests in paralell instead of waiting one by one to give another approver the request right?

If yes then you should not use split approval feature but instead of that set approvalMode attribute to paralell

If my assumption is wrong then you need to give a bit more details what the usecase really is.

This is how it works with the standard workflow configuration. It is possible to achieve your desired result, but you would need a lot of heavy customization in the workflow to rebuild the approvals before they are sent out in work items.