Java Libraries Documentation

Is there a list of all the java libraries available for us to import when writing custom rules?

@tyler_mairose was working on Javadocs for rules, but our entire team has shifted to working on the Developer Days conference coming in March. Work on the javadocs will resume after the conference.

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Ah, good to know they are in progress and will be delivered eventually.

@tyler_mairose, I request that you not only document SailPoint libraries, but you also indicate which third-party libraries are available. For example, I know the Apache Commons Language library is available for use. It would be great to also document the version of the libraries being used.

@tyler_mairose has submitted a PR to publish the current state of the java docs. These are currently a work-in-progress, and we’d appreciate any feedback you and others might have, including any classes that we are missing.

Here is the PR where you can leave comments: Add Java Docs for rules by tyler-mairose-sp · Pull Request #142 · sailpoint-oss/ · GitHub

And here is a preview build: Rule Java Documentation | SailPoint Developer Community. A new preview will be generated after each commit, so check the PR for the latest build URL.