List of Java libraries on the IDN cloud rule classpath?

There is a thread from a year ago regarding Java libraries in IDN cloud rules: Java Libraries Documentation

While the Javadocs for sailpoint.* classes have been published, there does not appear to be any information on the rest of the classpath at this time. Example rules are available that use and org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils and org.json, so it’s clear that those libraries are expected to be present. (The RDK also assumes this.)

But what about, say, Jackson’s ObjectMapper or Commons Codec or Guava or XML parsing utilities?

Hi Devin,

Not sure if you have already found the solution for the above query but from my experience while working on one of SOAP based application, I was able to parse the xml using standard java libraries like javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory etc.

For json parsing, i prefer to use mostly gson or the standard methods provided in the java library documentation. I had tried to experiment with Jackson libraries around an year back but i could not make it work and then switched back documentation to fulfill the requirement. But if you have already found out a way with Jackson libraries, I will be curious to know as well.

I hope this help.


Interestingly I usually experiment by adding the import statements and building the constructor and forcing errors in before rule of native rules and adding the variables to capture the experiment result via VA logs.

Is there any reference for an xml open source API which I can practice my skills upon?