IdentityNow sailpoint.rule documentation

Any one have an documentation regarding the sailpoint.rule classes?

For exemple, on the IDNRuleUtil I can use the idn.getAccountByDisplayName to get the user Account, but I think this account object returned is the sailpoint.rule.Account.

Usually I get the documentation from the classes from IIQ docs/javadoc, but I’m not able to find any documentation on compass regarding this sailpoint.rule classes.

Hello @fmunerato,

We have documentation for Rules in Compass. Take a look here and let me know if this is what you are looking for!

Hello @tyler_mairose ,

Actually I’m looking for something like a Javadoc from the object sailpoint.rule, like the sailpoint.rule.Account and sailpoint.rule.Identity. With this documentation I can see what methods I can call from this classes, like sailpoint.rule.Account.getDisplayName();