Can Sailpoint make the API Javadocs publicly accessible?

Right now, the IIQ Javadocs are available only to people who have downloaded a copy of the IIQ application. My company has an extensive library of IIQ utilities, for which I generate my own Javadocs for our customers. I’d like to link our Javadocs into the IIQ Javadocs where appropriate, which the doclet tool can do automatically given a public URL.

Would this be possible? Perhaps publish something like[version]/?

Additionally, this would make it easier for my customers to set up their IDEs so that Sailpoint APIs are documented on mouse hover.


Hey Devin,

I just want to clarify based in your tag, are you referring ti the Javadocs for Rules specifically?

Right, the docs that are available at /identityiq/doc/javadoc/ if you have access to a running IIQ instance.

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Hey @drosenbauer, I’m glad you asked!

We’re currently working on a process with our engineering team to have a better programmatic release process of the Javadocs for Rules like we do with our OpenAPI specs for IdentityNow.

Give us a few months to work on the process and we’ll have something around Q1 of 2023 :slight_smile: