Is it possible to call ServiceNow Service Desk connector for specific operations like disable or only during Leaver ,mover etc?

Hi Folks,

We have bunch of disconnected apps which needs to be integrated with SNOW but access request provisioning shouldn’t create tickets whereas if a mover or leaver is ran then tickets needs to created in SNOW.

Is it possible to achieve this either by differentiating based on operations and ProvisioningPlan source attributes.

Note: We are using the ServiceNow Service Desk connector and not the integration config.

Hey @rohan_nair,

Thanks for posting this question in the Developer Community. I have reached out to our connector team and will let you know as soon as feedback is received.


OOTB the integration will create a ticket for each provisioning operation for a managed application configured for the Integration. I am not sure whether it is possible by any customization.


We have configured a leaver using the cloud life cycle state of inactive to disable the account when the user leaves the company. But we noticed that the service desk integration does not generate a removal task. It only seems to generate a remove request when the manager requests removal or for a certification campaign. I checked the service desk manual but it does not show how to configure service desk to remove the account when the user leaves the company. There seems to be no disable option available for this integration.