In Discovery: Integration with Physical Access Management solutions

Business Problem

SailPoint IDN & IIQ provide excellent capabilities for governing digital access, but a critical challenge arises when customers want to integrate these digital IAM capabilities with physical identity access management (PIAM) solutions. Some of the most widely adopted solutions are Gentec ClearID, Lenel, Right Crowd, HID Global etc.

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Idea: Integration with Physical Identity Access Management Solutions

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We are continuing to validate our understanding of the problem space and solution. In addition, we are conducting research calls focused on validating our designed solution, better understanding the desired user experience, and ensuring we hit the most common customer use cases.

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Every single one of our higher-ed customers has extensive needs in this area. For example, student ID cards need to allow students into dorms only if they live there, and potentially into classroom buildings only while they take or teach a class in that building. These attributes can change on an hourly basis, particularly during the university’s course add/drop period.

Universities mainly use Grouper, an open-source group management solution, because it can handle the large numbers of dynamic groupings required. We have never successfully used an IAM tool to do this.

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This is a great item. Managing access levels through access requests & certifications is a core requirement for many businesses. Further integrations with LMS systems and others would prove even more value!

Completed our call earlier this week and we walked through a number of use cases delivered at our customers in the past as Edgile/Wipro have delivered end-to-end badge management solutions for systems such as Lenel as well as simple connector integrations for covering LCM, Access Requests, & certifications.

As part of developing this, there needs to be a JIT (Just in Time) functionality. Where access can be time bombed for given intervals or for access to be removed automatically if a review or extension isn’t performed. Someone can temporarily give access if they have the right authorization with management receiving a notification of the temporary access.

Access reviews are difficult as physical access can be confusing as one doesn’t know what door is being referenced, what building, etc. There needs to be the ability to have a visual map that is interactive to help visually show where the access is being given on both an audit and a grant or revocation.