In Discovery: Data Access Security - Access Certification Research

Business Problem

SailPoint needs your input and insights on certifying identities’ access to data locations, to inform our solution design as we work to add this capability to Data Access Security, SailPoint’s new Data Access Governance SaaS offering.

It is an opportunity for us to hear what works well for you during access certification reviews, and what can be improved.

Here’s where we need your input:

  • What data or information are needed to support the access certification review: Identity information and context, data locations, data categories, etc.
  • Share your access certification review experience
  • Automation gaps, requirements and preferences

Sound Familiar?

**Please take this survey **to share your access certification experience and help us shape access certifications’ future on Data Access Security.

How You Can Help

We are continuing to validate our understanding of the problem space and solution. In addition, we are conducting research calls focused on validating our designed solution, better understanding the desired user experience, and ensuring we hit the most common customer use cases.

Schedule a call with Product Management

Our Product Management team would love to hear from you! Here’s how:

  • Voice your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns right here in this topic.
  • Participate in the survey linked above.
  • Please schedule a call if you would like to discuss this topic further, and provide additional insights, details on business problems and use cases. If you don’t see a calendar opening that aligns with your availability, feel free to send me a direct email, at [email protected].
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In Certificate Campaigns - It would be nice to be able promote/show attributes outside of “entitlements”. An example being that some source owners would like to see the Last Time a user has logged into an application.

Additionally - it would be a boon if we can set more defaults in the user review portion of Certificate Campaigns - an example would be the name column, by default that only shows so much of the name of an entitlement, and users will sometimes know they can expand that column. Would be nice if it was fully expanded to show everything.

Hey Alexander! I think you are referring to IDN. This is for our new product we launched, Data Access Security which is designed to govern your unstructured data. To find out more on DAS click here.

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Hi Hanan,
Some thoughts I would like to share :

  • I would go with a single access review experience in ISC. DAS is the place to configure the policies, connectivity, reports but it would make sense to review access in ISC
  • Based on my experience with FAM and customer’s feedbacks : we need both type of access review : identity data and resources data. Examples :
    – I want to review all the access for a specific shared folder on my WFS and assign the review to the owner of this shared folder
    – I want to review all the permissions granted to external accounts on my sensitive data in SharePoint and assign the access review to the owners of those folders / files
    – I want to review all the access in Teams for the Finance department and assign the access review to Finance team
    – I want to review all the access granted to non hr people on the HR folders containing HR sensitive data and assign the access review to HR team.
    – I want to review all the access on stale folders
    – I want to review the access of all inactive contractors on all my business resources
    Being able to assign the campaign to owners and to have recommendations (based on activities and peer groups analysis) is a must have of course :slight_smile: