In Discovery: Supporting Certifications on Mobile Devices/Tablets

Business Problem

Access Certifications are not currently supported on Mobile Device. This is seen as an issue by some organizations who have their employees working in the field with limited access to desktop/laptop devices. In addition to organizations who want access to Certifications on Mobile Devices/Tablets for additional visibility and opportunity to access Certifications data.

Have you struggled to complete Certifications, and have been unable to complete them by their due date due to limited access to a desktop/laptop device?

Have you struggled to get timely information on Certification when not having access to desktop/laptop applications?

Sound Familiar?

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Idea: Mobile Support for Access Certifications

How You Can Help

We are continuing to validate our understanding of the problem space and solution. In addition, we are conducting research calls focused on validating our designed solution, better understanding the desired user experience, and ensuring we hit the most common customer use cases.

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We’re heavy recertification users at our org and it’s a constant issue with c-level and field managers not being able to preform reviews (so we have to rely on email reviews and reviewing on their behalf).

This would be a major win for Sailpoint to make this, seemingly easy-ish, improvement.

-Brant Madison

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Hey Brant!

Glad to hear it! We are still in the discovery and design phase, will keep you posted on progress.

Thank you!

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