IDN Event Trigger - VA Cluster Status Change Event

Hi Team,

I am working on a use case where we want to take some action on the VA status change. For that we have subcribed to IDNow’s Event trigger on our AWS instance.
The ‘VA Cluster Status Change Event’ subscription is working when we use test event feature of event triggers. I can see that is captured at the AWS side as well.
And to test the scenario, we have added one VA in cluster, and trying to bring that single VA up and down and expecting this event to get triggered.
But it is not triggered and not seen in Event Trigger activity log when testing by bringing down the VA.

I further checked the document at:
This document mentions below :
• This trigger will invoke on any VA cluster health status change (i.e. healthy → unhealthy, unhealthy → healthy)
• Warning status when there is only one active VA instance in the cluster → is considered as unhealthy
• Failed status when there is no active appliance → is also considered as unhealthy
I think as both Warning and Failed statuses are considered as unhealthy, our event is not triggered by IDN.

I am just looking for the help here to understand, if we need 2 VAs in the cluster so that it will show as healthy and then we can test.
Or the current setup should work and I am missing some configuration that’s why the trigger is missed.

Appriciate any kind of pointer here.

Thank you,
Prachi Kakade

Hello Prachi,
In order to remain highly available, Sailpoint recommends having two VA’s in a cluster. With only 1 VA present a cluster will always report as Warning status, which is considered a not-healthy indicator. In order to successfully conduct your test you will need to add an additional VA to your test cluster in order to trigger a healthy state.
I hope this information is helpful for you,
-Chris Smith

Thank you for the information.
This helps.

Hey @PrachiSailpoint ,

I’m interested in understanding your use case. Can you please share your views on how you are achieving this and logic of your code if possible?