# VA Cluster Status Change Event

This fire and forget trigger can be used by customers for monitoring all the health status changes of their Virtual Appliance (VA) cluster

Some examples of what you can do with this trigger:

  • Create real-time health dashboards for VA Clusters
  • Notify an administrator or system to take the appropriate actions when a health status changes

# Getting Started

# Prerequisites

  • An OAuth Client configured with Authority as ORG_ADMIN.
  • The ability to create an invalid configuration to trigger an unhealthy state in the VA cluster

# In This Topic

# Event Context

Healthy Cluster Source

VA cluster source healthy

Unhealthy Cluster Source

VA cluster source unhealthy

Warning - Unhealthy Cluster

Warning unhealthy cluster

Failed - Unhealthy Cluster

Failed unhealthy cluster

Use the following command to view the trigger details:

curl --request GET --url 'https://{tenant}.api.identitynow.com/beta/triggers' --header 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'

# Trigger Type

This event trigger type is a FIRE_AND_FORGET type. When you subscribe to this event trigger with your HTTP endpoint, a response is not expected to be returned.

# Input Schema

The input schema defines what you will receive from the trigger service. Here is input example provided by the trigger:

    "application": {
        "attributes": {
            "clusterId": "2c9180866166b5b0016167c32ef31a66"
        "id": "2c9180866166b5b0016167c32ef31a66",
        "name": "Production VA Cluster"
    "created": "2020-06-29T22:01:50.474Z",
    "healthCheckResult": {
        "message": "Test Connection failed with exception. Error message - java.lang Exception",
        "resultType": "SOURCE_STATE_FAILURE_SOURCE",
        "status": "Failed"
    "previousHealthCheckResult": {
        "message": "nothing bad happened",
        "resultType": "SOURCE_STATE_HEALTHY",
        "status": "Failed"
    "type": "Source"

# Subscribe to the Identity Created Event Trigger

To subscribe to the VA Cluster Status Change Trigger, make a POST call to /beta/trigger-subscriptions with the following headers and body:


  • Authorization: Bearer <access_token>


   "name": "Unique name",
   "description": "Description of what this subscription is used for",

# Testing Tools

  • webhook.site (opens new window) - This tool creates a temporary HTTP endpoint for you to verify that you are able to successfully subscribe to the Event Trigger. You can receive the event after an access request has been submitted. Copy the "unique URL" from webhook.site and use it in the url field of the POST body to /beta/trigger-subscriptions.
  • localhost.run - This tool creates an endpoint for a HTTP server running on your local machine.