How to Make IDN Event Triggers Work with AWS EventBridge

Has anyone been successful making IDN Event Triggers work with AWS EventBridge? If so, would you please share any helpful documentation and/or tips you know of? I’ve setup an Event Trigger with subscription type of AWS Event Bridge, and I can see it’s firing off events but am unable to so much as receive them in EventBridge and simply write the event data to a CloudWatch log. There doesn’t seem to be much you can fiddle with on the IDN configuration for EventBridge. I found the event bus for my subscription in EventBridge and have tried making EventBridge Rules on it, but I’m unable to get anything from IDN off the bus. There must be something I’m missing on the AWS configuration.
Thanks in advance for any assistance you could provide!

While I have not worked with it, @neil_mcglennon did a demo on Twitch linked here that may be helpful:

Thanks for your response @ethompson. I actually replied on that thread with details of the problem I’m facing but haven’t gotten an answer that solves it. Would you mind having a look on that thread and let me know if you have any suggestions?