Identity Profile Priority

I am trying to change the Identity Profile Order and I am getting 400 response.

Hi Tom, evertything good?

Missing β€œ}”


Hi Tom,

Matheus is right. You are missing β€œ}”.
Also, if you have VS code, it is easy to change the priority there.
Try setting up the VS code and add your tenant. Once you setup that, go to identity profile and you can directly make charges to priority.

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@Sachin_Rajathadri I tried it in VSC and it shows but when I do a refresh I don’t see it reflecting in the client.

In that case, try this β†’


Also, make sure you have this in your header,

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@TJ211 if it worked, could you please mark it as a solution? thanks!

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Still getting a 400?

@Sachin_Rajathadri has the correct answer. You’re body needs to match this.

        "op": "replace",
        "path": "/priority",
        "value": "150"
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