Setting a specific identity profile as the primary identity profile

There are certain accounts which are present in multiple sources. A few of those sources have individual identity profiles associated with them. Is there a precedence rule which makes a certain identity profile the primary identity profile ?

Hi Shristee,
I beleive that might be the answer you are looking for

Whole documentation about this you can find here Creating Identity Profiles - SailPoint Identity Services

Hey Kamil,

Thanks for the response. I had a query regarding the priority value. It says here the “highest”, would providing “1” be the correct value ? It seems the source I first created has the value 70 while other which were fairly recent moved to 50 and 60.

I just created DevLdap profile and priority seems to follow the patter

First one is IdentityNow Admins which is OoTB profile.

Hi @shristeerawat

Identity Profile priority will be in multiples of 10, like 10/20/30…etc

When you create an Identity Profile, it will take the next value. For example you have IdentityNow Administrators which has priority 10, if you create an Identity Profile, it will have priority as 20 by default.

It is recommended to have priority in multiples of 10, but it is totally your choice.

Lower value has the highest priority, like which value comes first.

You can change the priority using API call.

POST: {{baseUrl}}/cc/api/profile/update/{id}?priority=X

When you run aggregation on HR sources, if user has account on more than 1 HR source, Identity will be created with data from HR source which is tagged to the Identity Profile with highest priority (lowest value).

Hope this answer your queries.


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