How to migrate authoritative source?

Hi! Client is migratoring its HR authoritative source. What is best practices from idn side?

I though following steps, all opinions and suggestionsnare very welcome!

  1. Create new HR source and correlate accounts.
  2. After all identities have a new HR account, create new identity profile (and refresh identities).
  3. Delete old HR identiry profile.
  4. Delete old source.

Should this work, keep existing identities without modifying them, their history, password, saved challenge responses, etc?

Hi Julian,
Thank you for the post. Sailpoint has recommend the below steps for the migration.
Could you please go through the below post and let us know if you need any help in the same.

Hi @jsosa

I have done this already this January from Delimited file to SuccessFactors.

  1. Create new HR Source
  2. Create new Identity Profile, higher priority than current Identity Profile. So that still current Identity Profile will have priority.
  3. Add some test records in new HR source, see if the identities are getting created as expected as you need to validate config, Transforms and Rules.
  4. Once new HR source identities are created properly with new Identity Profile, then lower the priority for new Identity Profile than current Identity Profile.
  5. Verify the new identities
  6. Once you see 0 identities under current Identity Profile then delete it.


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