Young professional. Started out in the Cyber Security Practices field with major focus on identity and access management.

4 years ago dived headfirst into Identity and Access Management while working as a consultant for clients in Manufacturing and Insurance domains.

Dabbled with SailPoint IIQ, IdentityNow, NetIQ Identity Governance, Azure IAM

 Proficient in Identity and Access Management solutions and technologies (SailPoint IIQ, NetIQ Identity Governance)
• Experience with the Microsoft Azure IAM tool set (SAML, OIDC/OAuth integration, SSO, MFA)
• Build systems integrating off the shelf solutions, cloud native offerings and custom products.
• Lead requirement gathering discussions as part of IAM platform engineering
• Engaged in production troubleshooting and engineer product improvements to ensure a highly available and resilient ecosystem

Looking to learn further about creating resilient identity solutions and implement constructive solutions to facilitate good governance.

Curious about data science implementation and future of AI in the Identity and Access Management Space.