Change Sailpoint Username (uid) attribute mapping

Hi Everyone,

We have a situation where we are evaluating the changes and impact of changing the Sailpoint Username (uid) attribute mapping from one authoritative source attribute to another. This is to assess for existing identities as well as new onboarding/creations.

I wanted to know what all can be expected to be impacted due to this change. E.g. nativeIdentity attribute value will be changed in this case

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @shaileeM

Changing uid attribute is not recommended unless it is required.

If you have enabled SSO for your IDN/ISC application then not a problem else login will be changed for all the users.

I don’t think you face any other issues.


Thanks for the response @MVKR7T . Apart from SSO, is there any other impact?

You need to check if you used uid anywhere including

  • Correlation config
  • SSO config
  • Transforms
  • Rules
  • Provisioning Policy forms
  • Attribute Sync
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Thanks @MVKR7T . This helps

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