Email Sending issues with mail relay server

Hi All;

I’m reposting this over here because I haven’t gotten any responses in the Compass forum. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced issues with IIQ not sending some email occasionally. We are on IIQ 8.0p1, and have IIQ configured to send email through an email relay server, so it doesn’t login to an SMTP server. Normally we have no issues with this for most email communication, but we have noticed that at some point we will stop getting emails out of IIQ, not all, but some of them. This is typically seen with our password expiration policy for AD accounts. These don’t show up in the audit logs as an emailFailure so the only way we know about them is to check under the “Request” objects in debug, which has a record for each one that failed. This issue isn’t identity specific, our password policy will send email for 15 days, and we have had the same user get 10 in a row and then the 11 won’t send and shows up in the request table. It also isn’t task server specific. When we stop and restart our task servers, they will then send all the “queued” messages. The problem is that this can happen three or four weeks after it should have been sent which causes confusion with our user base, because it can show up long after they have already reset their password. We do have 20 retries configured for the email settings, but I’m assuming since this isn’t really failing, it doesn’t retry? The log files after a restart will show the following lines for each queued request:

2023-03-09T17:01:12,023 WARN ServerThread sailpoint.request.RequestProcessor:283 - Host: XXXXXBT01, Request 0a333f4b8661168d8186971b41344c4a:XXX - EmailTemplate - Password Expiration Notification: Resetting crashed request

Is anyone aware of a fix for this issue, besides not using an email relay? I have started just manually deleting these records from debug whenever we have to restart so that these old email aren’t sent, but that definitely doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I’m wondering if I could write a small beanshell script to restart these without have to restart the servers?