Dev Live Stream - September

This month, we’ll be hearing from @philip-ellis as he teaches us what SaaS Connectivity is, when to use it, and walks us through getting started with building our first connector! Let us know about any questions you have in advance, or after the stream!


I cannot wait any longer to attend the live session on September 13th about live connector development. It was not covered in advanced training and many, like myself, have been eagerly waiting for it. :heart_eyes:


We can’t wait to have you there! Don’t forget to mark yourself as Going!

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Cannot wait to attend this live session :heart_eyes:

Hey everyone, we are looking forward to having you join us for our first ever developer community live stream!!! :confetti_ball:

We would like to know your thoughts!

What questions do you have about SaaS Connectivity?
What features or aspects of SaaS Connectivity would you like to see covered?
What part of building SaaS Connectors do you struggle with the most?
What do you think could be added to SaaS Connectivity to make it even better?


Hey everyone,

We’ve already received so many messages about this event that we’ve decided to extend the event to 90 minutes to really give @philip-ellis to dive deep with you into SaaS Connectivity development.

Definitely take note of Tyler’s questions above, too:


Is this for IdentityIQ or IdentityNow? I saw another page that discussed a new SaaS Connectivity framework for IdN. Is that what this is? It’d be great if you could tag this to indicate if it’s relevant to IdN or IIQ.

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Hey Kevin,

This is for IdentityNow, great idea on tagging it as such—and I’ve done just that.

This indeed is the new SaaS Connectivity framework!

Hey @jordan_violet, is this event going to be recorded to share with our colleagues in APAC who may not be able to attend due time zone differences? Thanks!

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Yes, this will be recorded and shared right here in the topic!

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Love it! Thanks Jordan, looking forward to watching the event tomorrow!

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Is the recording going to be added, I missed the first hour.


Hey David,

The recording is already available right in the original post at the top :slight_smile:

Thanks. When I looked earlier, there was a message that said it had been removed. I see it now.

That may have been my fault :sweat_smile:

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To everyone who participated today (or watches the on-demand video), please let us know what you think. What did you like, and what do you want to see more of in the future?

Hey! Has this video expired? I can’t get it to start as it is stuck on buffering. Do you perhaps have another link to it and/or is it possible to download it?

Best regards,

Hey Sebastian,

The video is not expired and is loading fine for myself and another coworker in a different location than myself. It looks like it might be a network issue on your end. Try a different browser, or check your internet connection speed.