Delimited Connector Aggregation Issue


We are working on the multiple Delimited types of application on-boarding. We see a weird issue between tenants. The issue is when we configure the application with correlation, the account aggregation says success, but we don’t see the accounts on the account page. However when we remove the correlation config then it shows all accounts as uncorrelated (which is expected). But we are not sure why it’s not working with the correlation configured. This is happening in the QA tenant, however, everything works fine in the Dev tenant. I have tried manual aggregation as well as the API via Postman.


Do you see a large queue on the Dashboard > Monitor page? There might be a lot of processing happening in the background which might be delaying the UI. If that’s the case, probably wait for a while for it to clear.

If you don’t see anything, consider restarting your VA when it is safe to do so, and try this again (IF this is your Sandbox only. For Production, reach out to SailPoint Expert Services).

This seems to be intermittent issue in QA tenant and now we are seeing the proper counts and corresponding records.