Aggregation issue

When I am aggregation the first page records it is scanning 100 but in my accounts tab only 50 records are coming. Can any tell why this is happening.

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@Faizan9097 which type of connector do you use ? Webservices ?

For webservice connectors, paging is configure at operation level (50 by default) :

By default it 50. But if your web service support pagination you must define the logic paging steps. This resource can help for configure dynamics pagination :

Also i recommand to refer webservice connectors documentation there some examples for pagination if needed : Paging Tab Configuration (

Your pagination is grabbing the same users two times.

you need to correct it so it can iterate all the users from the API.

Can you post your pagination in here?

Can you check the API response via some third party whether that is returning any other object after offset change.

Also please share you request body and pagination setup.


Hi Ivan,
myPagination is -
$offset$ = $offset$ + 1
$request.pageToShow$ = $offset$

Paging need to have certain steps

Like this example:

$page$ = 1
$pg_limit$ = 100
$pg_offset$ = $pg_offset$ + $page$
$endpoint.fullUrl$ = $application.baseUrl$ + “api/Employee?pageSize=100&pageIndex=” + $pg_offset$

You need to provide a condition to have a loop and always update the url.

try to do something similiar to what i used as example


Hi Ms Faizan,

Do you see any duplicates accounts coming in the 1st page of results? Also, I am observing the intermittent issue with the numbers on the accounts page and it’s randomly happening for different connectors.

No I didn’t find any duplicate accounts in accounts tab.

Do you still have the same problem ?

you can modify the default page size to see what happens

Have you extracted the report from the source accounts page and see you are still seeing 50 or 100 accounts?