Customizing Reassigned Certification Names in IIQ

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Version 8.3

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Hello community and experts, i hope everything is going great.

I’m currently exploring the certifications access review table in IIQ and I’m wondering if when reassigning an item, i can modify the description from “name of the campaign” to reflect the identity that performed the reassignment?.
Other option that we are reviewing is to add a column through UICONFIG indicating the name of the person who reassigned the certification (wehn applicable), but i have not been able to find the attribute to show the corresponding name of the reassigner.

If anyone has insights or suggestions on achieving this, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

You can use Certification Pre-delegation Rule to update description while reassigning.

Thank you very much for the idea! by any chance have you implemented this or maybe have the idea on how to modify it though this?

Thank you in advance.

More details are added for the usage of Pre-delegation rules in Certifications

Thank you for the information. After delving into pre-delegation rules, it appears they are executed solely during the campaign generation process. I’m in search of a rule that can be triggered whenever a user reassigns work items while the campaign is still active. The closest match seems to be CertificationPhaseChange, but my understanding is that it is only executed when there’s a phase change.

Do you happen to know if there is any type of certification that can be executed at any time while the campaign is still active? Your insights would be greatly appreciated

Okay then you should use workitem forward global rule that you can find in Global Settings.

Hi @juanmene18,

Quick question, by user reassigns work you mean when the user manually reassigs work either bulk or by lineitem? or by workitem forwarding rule dependent on userState or inActive attribute, or by predelegation rule?

If either of the latter you can use global workitem forward rule or predelegation rule, you can find references to those rule here on the forum.

If its the former, on top of my head, (unsure of feasibility)

  1. You will have to maintain a customObject that would store the access review owners

  2. Develop a rule that would fetch workitems in the certification and the workkitem owners, compare owners from the workitem to that of the customObject, if values don’t match, use setDescription​(java.lang.String s) to set the description of the workitems

  3. Schedule a run rule task to run this rule periodically.

This may come with performance issues if at all feasible.

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