Certification item Reassignment

Hello Team,

We are having requirements to reassign the certification item from certification. We have used the Sailpoint Reassign Certifications Asynchronously API to perform reassignment. We have noticed that certification tasks are expiring randomly and wanted to see if we have an option to avoid this certification task being expired.


Hi SK,

Did you use /v3/certifications/{id}/reassign to reassign the items?

Hi @colin_mckibben,

Yes we using v3/certifications/id/reassign & beta/certifications/$id/reassign-async when more than 500 item. As we have more than 500 items our script intent to use reassign-async.

Do you know if the v3 reassign works? Is it just the beta async endpoint that is causing expirations? This info can help us isolate the issue.

When we have less than 500 items , V3 reassign works fine. Does V3 reassign will support more items to reassign?. Based on V3 document its supports 50 items. This API reassigns up to 50 identities or items in an identity campaign certification to another reviewer. A token with ORG_ADMIN or CERT_ADMIN authority is required to call this API. Reviewers for this certification can also call this API. This API does not support requests for certifications assigned to Governance Groups.

Does the async reassign complete in a timely manner? You can use the cert task status endpoint to check the status of the async reassign.

When do the tasks expire? Is it within hours, or days?

Yes , I have used [cert task status] (get-identity-certification-task-status | SailPoint Developer Community) endpoint to check the status and I found that Task expired. Looks like task expiring after an hour but there is no pattern about duration.

Have you opened a support ticket for this problem? It might be a bug, which our support team is better equipped to find. The developer community might still be able to get to the bottom of this, but I want to make sure you have a support ticket open so we can get a resolution for you ASAP.

@colin_mckibben - Yes, I have created a support case for this issue.