Check Expired Work Items task not running

Which IIQ version are you inquiring about?

Version 8.2

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We upgraded from 8.1p2 to 8.2p6.

There is a System Task called “Check Expired Work Items”. We use it to check work items to see if they have expired, to send reminders, etc.

Since we upgraded, this task is not running at all. When we start it, it just stays in Pending status.

We checked the logs and there are no errors at all. Also we checked the IIQ Console, and looks like it locks a single Work Item but it never unlocks it or does anything related to it.

Also, we can’t terminate the task, we have to hard reboot Tomcat for it to terminate.

Can you please let me know what could be the issue?

Hey @ricardocr023 , how are you?

This happened to me when they updated the task definition , but for some reason the taskScheduled was still referencing the Old version.

try creating a new task and runne it…


Hi @ricardocr023,

Does the Ivan’s suggestion fix your issue?
If so, please mark his reply as solution.
If not, can you enable logging for sailpoint.task and see if there is any logging?

To enable logging, add the follòwing to the file`:
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@ricardocr023 Pls try to run idx rule to see any other issues you might have to causing this issue.

you will get updated file from below link

ref : Correct IDX rule to detect and fix IDX values - Compass (

Hi all! Thanks for your replies!

I am redirecting them to our Tech Lead to see if they work. Will keep you posted.

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We found out that there were several faulty work items in our lower environment that were causing conflicts with the task. After removing them, the task ran without issues.

Thanks everyone for your help!