Performance Maintenance

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Version 8.3

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We have 8.3p2. We are running performance Maintenance and we get the following waiting : Waiting on ‘0’ workflow threads to complete and there are ‘1’ workitems to be launched. After a few minutes of running, we get error Workflow event processing failed with : Workflower threads no longer executing…
No other tasks are running

“Perform” Maintenance

I have seen this many times. You might have a stuck workflow. Here is something I do when I have a stuck workflow:

  • Open the Debug pages and select WorkflowCase. If there isn’t one then you have a bigger problem.
  • Look on the first page for the <Workflow tag and look at the guid for currentStep. guid means the ID of the step. Each step has an ID and it’s called a guid. Select that and type CTRL-C to copy to clipboard.
  • Type CTRL-F to search and paste that guid. Find the instance of that Step. That is where your workflow is stuck. Examine the step to make sure it is complete.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the WorkflowCase for the <Attributes> tag. Here you will see the current value of all of the variables in your workflow.

Try to figure out why it’s stuck. If needed, delete the WorkflowCase and watch for the issue to reappear.
Note: if your workflow is in a wait state then Perform Maintenance will ignore it until it’s time to restart.

Some other things you can try:

  • Turn on workflow trace in your workflow
  • Increase the logging on sailpoint.WorkflowTrace
  • Increase the logging on sailpoint.task.Housekeeper
  • for a very short period of time, increase logging on sailpoint.api.Workflower

Increasing logging has drawbacks. You might set some of these, watch Perform Maintenance run, then turn them off. Advise not to persist them for a time.

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Hi Keith, since it was our sandbox enviroment, we deleted all of WorkflowCases. I ran performance maitnance and that worked. thank you for the detailed info, I will keep the logging on for the next time.

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