Attribute sync - syn runs multiple time

Hi Experts,

I have one requirement against SNOW governance connector.

for attribute1, from IDN → SNOW, it is expecting value as “A” to be passed from IDN. later in SNOW side, this value is dynamically changed to Active

post aggregation, SNOW account has value “Active”

when we run sync, it finds difference since IDN attribute has value “A” and SNOW account it is “Active”.

what is best way to handle this type of requirement.

When you enable attribute sync, it is best to let IDN manage the account attribute. Changing a synced value directly on the source will have the problem you just mentioned, where IDN will see a difference and try to overwrite the attribute again.

Is there any reason the identity attribute has to be “A” and not “Active”. Why does SNOW have to change the value from “A” to “Active”?

Hi @colin_mckibben
Actually, using snow governance connector, aggregation is performed from actual SNOW database whereas provisioning happens to snow staging table. attribute format in staging table and actual db are not in same format. I have written transform to fix this issue.