Approve Access Request Mid-Approval

Hey Team!

I have quite a unique use-case where I need to set up some sort of dynamic approval-workflow.


Some access profiles for application XYZ need to go through 2-step approvals (1. Manager 2. Governance Group).

However a handful of specific access profiles connected to XYZ application need to be automatically approved after the 1st manager approval if the requestedFor of said access contains a certain attribute. (For example: John Doe requests XYZ access, John Doe is part of HR Department == Automatically approve request after 1st approval).

My first questions is:

  • Is it possible to trigger “Access Request Decision” workflow when request is not fully finished?

My 2nd questions is:

  • Is there a good way of configuring a workflow for this? The example below shows what I have tried:

In my head I was imagining that it was going to be a piece of cake, however, now I have run into some problems.

Firstly, I’m not sure the trigger works for half-finished approvals, secondly the ID needed for “Approve Access Request” is not the same ID that is contained within “Access Request Decision”, meaning I have to somehow manually fetch the approvalID via another HTTP request, where filtering options are limited making it quite annoying…

Is it even worth configuring a workflow like this or is there perhaps better options out there?

Thank you,

@colin_mckibben Do you by chance have any knowledge to shine on this use-case? :>

You should look into this

Yes, check out that blog post that Krishna linked to. You can modify it to add one or more forms for out-of-band approvals on an access request.

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