Add Approver to Access Request Dynamically

Hey team, quick question:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to dynamically add or remove an approver from an access request?

Access Profile XYZ only has 1 approval stage (manager), but if identities from a certain department request access to it, an extra approval stage should be added (access profile owner).

I have not found any APIs for patching a pending access request, does anyone know if it’s possible?

@Swegmann , not an additional access profile approval, but a dynamic governance group approval can be added based on the attributes of the requestor using Response Required event trigger type and External Trigger action on a workflow using below approach and it works.

Reference : Implementing A Request Response Type Trigger in Workflows

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@Arshad is correct. There is a special event trigger that allows you to dynamically add one additional approver to an access request. It’s the Access Request Dynamic Approval | SailPoint Developer Community event trigger. The blog post that Arshad links to will help you implement this trigger in workflows.

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Thanks Arshad, I tried this trigger yesterday and works perfectly!